James Webb Space Telescope. cre. ESA

JWST Is Responsible for Answering Those Question.

  • How are galaxies are formed?

  • What gives them their shapes?

  • How are the chemical elements distributed through the galaxies?

  • How do the central black holes in galaxies influence their host galaxies?

  • What happens when small and large galaxies collide or join together?

The James Webb Space Telescope certainly will observe galaxies far back in history as well as possibly truth the questions. By reading some of The original galaxies as well as comparing them To Be Able To today's galaxies the average person might be able to figure out their explosion as well as evolution.

Webb certainly will also permit scientists To Be Able To catch data on The types of stars that existed in the very early galaxies. Follow-up observations employing spectroscopy of the thousands or it could lots of galaxies certainly will care researchers figure out just how elements heavier in comparison with hydrogen had been formed as well as built up as galaxy construction proceeded through the ages. The studies certainly will also identify specifics regarding merging galaxies as well as cast light fixtures in The system of the galaxy construction itself.